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Events Happening Today (March 5)






Experience Glensheen Never Ending Christmas at Night

Dates: March 5 - March 6
Time: 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
(218) 726-8925 • Visit Website

Spirit of the Lights is an outdoor light display that originated on Park Point at the home of Marcia Hales. The display is celebrated for its intimate and natural feel. Many of the motifs and displays are in memory of individuals or in recognition of meaningful moments. The display sprawls across Glensheen’s 12-acre lakeside estate, magically illuminating the grounds. On a self-guided Christmas Candlelight Tour, guests will see all 25 Christmas trees illuminated at night while exploring Glensheen's most famous rooms. The Candlelight Tour is truly a fan-favorite and on the annual bucket list of many families. There’s a certain magic to the mansion in the evening under the glow of the Christmas trees. In addition to the usual Christmas tour favorites, Candlelight Tour guests will also experience some spring twists this month on all Never Ending Christmas mansion experiences. Guests will not only find the small, mischievous hidden Christmas elves throughout the mansion, but they will also have the chance to I-spy leprechauns in anticipation of St. Patrick’s Day. Guests can I-spy the sneaky Christmas elves by following along in the Elf Book that is available for $1 purchase at ticketing. Or guests can count the 17 easier to find Leprechauns. And for the ones all about I-spy, they can search for both in the mansion for a prize at the end of their tour. To keep building capacities reduced, admittance into the mansion is granted based on a first-come, first-served basis. Therefore, Candlelight Tours do not have a specific tour date or tour time assigned. Guests who purchase online can simply arrive within the public entry times. These are also the times that tickets are available for purchase onsite.